Hi, I'm 

Alora Frederick

As a Silicon Valley native, Alora has had the opportunity to collaborate with many professionals across varied fields of expertise. She has a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University with Honors in Business Marketing and Advertising. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has co-founded multiple successful companies.

Alora has nearly 10 years of experience in developing end-to-end, data driven marketing and advertising campaigns. Her expertise includes organizing and implementing strategic multi-channel marketing objectives by identifying opportunities, designing customer facing digital content aligned with planned go to market strategies, and monitoring and analyzing data using ethically conscious methods to determine outcomes. 

Some of the companies she has co-founded include a full service advertising and marketing firm, Forward Inception Marketing, a tech startup in the music space, Ambii, Inc., and a nonprofit organization focused on alleviating student homelessness, Streets to Scholars. In her free time she spearheads a university-wide program focused on building a diverse workforce while promoting student welfare through leadership and professional development. 

She is currently an active member and contributor for the Forbes Communication Council and the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

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