World Wildlife Day - Powerful WWF Ad Campaigns

Have you ever come across an ad and felt compelled to take action? Yes, that’s one of the main goals of an ad campaign - to get the viewer to take action. Campaigns are a powerful way for brands to get people thinking and provoke their actions for betterment. One such brand that runs powerful, thought-provoking campaigns to bring awareness about wildlife is WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). These campaigns raise awareness about wildlife and environmental conservation. 

Today (March 3), as part of World Wildlife Day, we bring to you a series of campaigns that will make you stop and think twice.

WWF: Luxury

This campaign by WWF about indulging in “luxury” experiences depicts the cost it has on wildlife and their depleting numbers.

For a living Planet

Animals may be horrifying to us, but it's more horrifying if they don't exist anymore.

Anti-poaching campaign

Poaching is widely done in order to use real animal skin in the making of luxury consumer goods such as shoes, clothes, bags, and belts. This powerful campaign shows how going after fashion victimizes wildlife.

Give a hand to wildlife

Extend a helping hand to save the wildlife from going extinct

Stop Deforestation Campaign

The subtle representation of people relaxing under the shade of the tree shows how important trees are; and that we cannot live without them.


This campaign shows thousands of years of evolution of animals is turned into a luxury product.


Our actions here in our homelands have a great effect on the polar regions. This powerful campaign educates on how global warming is more serious than ever, causing the polar wildlife to lose their homes.

Like how they say “It’s all connected”, on a famous TV show, Manifest, we’re all connected. For Earth to thrive, we must do our best to restore the failing balance in the ecosystem.

Ending with this thought-provoking quote by Lois Crisler

Wilderness without wildlife is just scenery.

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