9 types of Video Marketing to do in 2022

Videos have always been there. And videos in marketing were mostly on YouTube, until recent years, they came to other platforms as well. Most businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands use videos as a means to reach out to their audience and as an effective marketing strategy. Videos bring in sales, increase brand reach, build trust, and all that good stuff.

Video consumption has risen by 800% over the last 5 years. - HubSpot

Videos are so versatile that a business belonging to any industry could make them. The only difference lies in the type of videos that suit your business the best. A typical video is where you talk about the product and provide the necessary information. Well, while that is vaguely true, there’s more to videos than just the video part. We’ll get a detailed understanding of what type of videos you could do for your business in order to achieve your goals.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, as the name suggests, focus on talking about the product, service, or business idea in an interesting way so as to not bore the viewers. These videos are portrayed in a compelling way to catch audiences’ attention and enable them to make a purchase. The more visually attractive these videos are made, the more are chances of keeping the viewers hooked and increasing chances of conversion.

Explainer videos are a huge hit for businesses.

According to a survey by HubSpot, 94% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a product/service and 84% of them consider making a purchase. 

Live Videos

GO LIVE!!!! Show your face every once and a while! This gives your audience a sense of who you are and a chance to interact. It's unlikely you will be connecting directly with each of your followers, conducting live sessions is a great way to bridge that gap. It also helps establish that authoritativeness, leadership, portrays you as confident. 

You can directly address users’ problems, answer questions, give sneak peeks, and more while LIVE.


One of the best ways to keep your YouTube channel active is with vlogs. Vlogging boosts your SEO, keeps the content as real as possible which helps users connect on an emotional level, and improves your brand image.

According to a report from Think with Google, travel vlogs gain 4X more social engagement than any other type of travel content on YouTube.

Vlogs are a great way for creators and brands to show their perspective of things and help viewers understand better who they are and what they do. They help you create and strengthen the connection with your audience and keep them coming back to you for more.

UGC - User Generated Content

What better strategy than your consumers talking about your brand! Around 68% of the audiences feel that UGC is more appealing and authentic than classic product images. UGC has more power than branded content.

Get in touch with your users, offer them incentives for sending review videos and post them on your socials. It’s as simple as that. Further, creating referral programs, which are widely popular now, and working with influencers are effective approaches to building your sales funnel. While helping drive great traffic, they also create a positive experience for your customers and leads. 

Vertical Videos

Do you rotate your phone to watch a video while scrolling through social media? A hard NO!, right? Horizontal videos have taken a back seat now and vertical video has taken the stage.

Vertical videos are very responsive as they fit any screen, device, and are optimized. Reels on Instagram, YouTube Shorts, TikTok are great examples of vertical videos. Leverage the power of these spaces to spread brand message and reach wider audience with valuable information.


We are all familiar with Instagram and Facebook Stories and how often we interact with them on an everyday basis. Stories are extremely engaging when done right and increase your page views. Polls and Q&As are an effective way to understand how your audience feels and what they want. 

Interactive Videos

Until now, play, pause, rewind, forward, and restart are the functions we’re used to while watching videos. These videos are called linear videos. That’s upgraded now and we are now able to do more than just those basic functions with a video.

Have you ever come across a “360-degree view video” or “rotate your phone to view a full photo” on Facebook? They are an example of interactive videos. With an interactive video, you’ll be able to interact with the video content with the help of several tools. You’d be able to click, drag, hover, scroll, gesture, and other actions on the video.

Interactive videos are delightful, trackable, more memorable, and engaging to users. These videos create a fun and ‘different from the usual experience for users and ensure they do not leave until the video has ended. And because of its high engagement, these videos are an effective strategy to convert audiences into customers as well.

Further, invest in good product-360-degree videos to help customers understand more about them. Give them a virtual tour of your store online and help them feel as though they are in the store for real. Product-360-degree videos impart the realistic and detail-oriented experience that your customers are looking for.

Personalized Videos

Personalization, in general, is not a trend but it is a recent thing when we talk about videos. Personalized videos are trending and showing good results. They are similar to personalized emails. You can include the viewer’s names, face, interests, and more based on your pitch.

Search-Optimized Videos

SEO for content is something we’ve been doing extensively and are well-versed with. It’s only fair we optimize our videos as well for search with videos becoming more and more important. Video snippets contribute to 26% of search results on Google now and users are very likely to click on them.

SEO for videos works relatively similar to that of content. You have to be consistent with your video content, optimize them for best results, include keywords, meta tags, titles, and descriptions.

Videos are an integral part of today’s marketing strategy and have proven to be effective in capturing your audiences' interest. However, you cannot simply dive into videos without a strategy or an action plan. We create strategies specific to each business to help them achieve their business goals. Because it’s the holidays season and we’re all generous this time of the year, we are offering a FREE consultation to you. Let’s talk about what you want to achieve in 2022 and see how we can help you accelerate your growth.

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